Privacy Policy

Dr. Thomas C. Detweiler, MD has an absolute commitment to protect and respect your privacy.

Dr. Thomas C. Detweiler, MD does not gather personally identifiable information unless you sign-up as a member or apply online to learn about opportunities at Dr. Thomas C. Detweiler, MD. We do not keep a list of visitors' IP addresses nor do we record or analyze information stored in standard HTTP log files. We do not collect information on your operating system nor do we allow downloads and/or Internet cookies from third party web sites.

Public area: All submitted information (e.g. Newsletter, Contact) will remain completely confidential as part of the internal HR processes at Dr. Thomas C. Detweiler, MD. Under no circumstances will we sell, trade, share or otherwise release submitted information.

Dr. Thomas C. Detweiler, MD is very respectful about the privacy concerns of our visitors. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy feel free to contact us.

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